A-28AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• RT Pro/RT Pro 3D enables customers to connect and acquire data from Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machines, vision and form measuring systems via native integration (DDE).MeasurLink® System Requirements• Operating environments[Operating System]Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)Microsoft Windows 7 SP1Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit)(Microsoft Windows 8.1 RT is not supported)Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)(Windows 10 Mobile and IoT editions are not supported)[Database]Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard / Enterprise EditionMicrosoft SQL Server 2016 Standard / Enterprise EditionMicrosoft SQL Server 2014 Standard / Business Intelligense /Enterprise EditionSQL 2019 Standard / EnterpriseRT Pro/RT Pro 3D Common Functions• Connectable measuring instrument· Mitutoyo Measurement Data Management System (equipped with PC data processing unit)[Supported data processing software]· CMM: MCOSMOS V3.2 or later· Vision System: QVPAK V10.0 or later/QSPAK V10.2 or later/ QSPAK MSE V3.1 or later/QIPAK V4.1 or later· Vision unit:QSPAK VUE V4.1 or later· Surface Roughness/contour instruments: FORMTRACEPAK V5.311 or later· Roundness instruments: ROUNDPAK V7.0 or later· Hardness testing machines: AVPAK V2.0 or later• Filter functionKeyword items for data extraction· Measurement data (year, month, day, time, week, etc.)· Serial No.· Traceability information (e.g. Inspectors, Machine No., etc.)· Alarm item• Import function for text dataA custom import template can be built to collect data in Real-Time Pro/Pro 3D. MeasurLink® supports ASCII file types such as CSV and TXT with minimum required information (e.g. part name, characteristic name and measurement values, etc.) In addition, MeasurLink® supports QIF, AQDEF, and QMD file types. RT Pro 3D functions• Screen display mode when collecting data· 3D viewFunctionsData collection softwareReal-Time StandardReal-Time ProfessionalReal-Time Professional 3DCollected data displayClassic view✓✓✓Data sheet✓✓✓2D view✓✓✓3D view (Hoops)✓Data extractFilter✓✓Input from tools and devicesMeasuring tools (RS-232C, USB)✓✓✓Measuring instruments (DDE)✓✓Text inputImport✓✓Table 1 Data collection/analysis software Real-Time functional comparison• Automatic linking with part programsTo automate the process of linking the CMM, Vision or Form system with MeasurLink®, some easy setup is needed on the device and in MeasurLink®. Then, when the part program is executed, the measurement system will send the part and measurement information to MeasurLink®, along with any tagged data related to the measurement. A new run can be created in Real-Time Pro/Pro 3D, or the data can be added to an existing run. The charts and statistics will continuously update and be displayed in the view.CMMMCOSMOSMeasurLink® RT Pro/RT Pro 3DVision SystemQVPAKForm InstrumentFORMTRACEPAKDatabase will be created once a part program is executed.Once storage is created, data is automatically written in the database every time the part program is executed, and the statistical result will be displayed.• Filtering functionRequired data can be easily extracted based on the date and time of the measurement, added comments, or alarms.• Import functionMeasurement data saved in ASCII files can be loaded. Also, a feature to customize a template for loading according to the format is provided.• RT Pro 3D is a full-spec packageThe feature to be measured can be displayed in detail using 3D CAD data.[3D view]3D graphics library HOOPS displays real view of the workpiece using an hsf file created from 3D CAD data. The displayed workpiece image can be freely turned, translated, or scaled so that you can get a clear view of the feature to be measured.The word balloons and lead lines that display the measurement result and measured feature will move following the CAD data translation.MeasurLink® Automatic Report Generation ProgramMeasurLink® Report SchedulerMeasurLink® Report Scheduler common functions ————————————————————• Report output destinations• Printer, file, E-mail (as an attached document)The Use of MeasurLink® Report Scheduler ———————————————————————• Typical applications• Automatic generation of a weekly report specified from among last week's data.• Automatic report generation by extracting only data with tag information about "tool replacement" (due to wear, breakage, etc.)• Automatic generation of a daily report for each shift by filtering inspection record data on the basis of a shiftAutomatically generates a report created by the Real-Time (RT Std/RT Pro/RT Pro 3D) or Process Analyzer Professional modules, each of which is connected to the network according to a specified schedule.Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.Sat.Sun.Mon.Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.Sat.Sun.

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