L-10Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.LAn inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-9 for details.Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink® (refer to page A-25 for details).• FORMTRACER Avant C3000/4000 Series are highly functional and user-friendly contour measuring systems with innovative design features.• FORMTRACER Avant C3000/4000 Series comes with the inclined drive unit as standard, making approach to the target surface and measurement of large workpieces much easier.• Equipped with an operability focused, new style remote box. The new part program key strongly supports manual part-programming.• High throughput is achieved thanks to high drive speed (X axis: Max. 80 mm/s, Z2 axis: Max. 30 mm/s) and acceleration (X axis: 30 mm/s2).• All connecting cables are contained within the measuring instrument to eliminate any inconvenience during measurement.• The Z1-axis detector is equipped with a built-in anti-collision safety device.• A detector for measuring roughness can be retrofitted.• The arm of the detector is a user-friendly, magnetic, one-touch, detachable mechanism.• C4000 type is a highly functional contour measuring system that has a wide-range digital detector (measuring range: 60 mm), top/bottom plane continuous measurement function, automatic variable measuring force function, and stylus drop detection function.Remote box with user-friendly operabilityDetectorLarge sized base models and high-column models are added to the line-up.FTA-S4C3000FTA-S4C4000For C3000For C4000FORMTRACER Avant C3000/4000 SeriesSERIES 218 — Surface Texture Measuring InstrumentsInclined drive unitSPECIFICATIONSModel No.FTA-S4C3000FTA-H4C3000FTA-W4C3000FTA-L4C3000FTA-S8C3000FTA-H8C3000FTA-W8C3000FTA-L8C3000FTA-S4C4000FTA-H4C4000FTA-W4C4000FTA-L4C4000FTA-S8C4000FTA-H8C4000FTA-W8C4000FTA-L8C4000Measuring rangeX axis100 mm200 mmZ1 axis 60 mm (±30 mm in horizontal situation)Straightness (when the X axis is horizontal)0.8 µm/100 mm2 µm/200 mmAccuracy (20 °C)C3000X axis(0.8+0.01L) µm L = Measurement Length (mm)(0.8+0.015L) µm L = Measurement Length (mm)Z1 axis (detector unit)±(1.2+|2H|/100) µm H = Measurement height from the horizontal position (mm)C4000X axis(0.8+0.01L) µm L = Measurement Length (mm)(0.8+0.015L) µm L = Measurement Length (mm)Z1 axis (detector unit)±(0.8+|2H|/100) µm H = Measurement height from the horizontal position (mm)X-axis inclination angle±45°Z2-axis (column) travel range300 mm500 mm700 mm300 mm500 mm700 mmBase size (W×D)600×450 mm1000×450 mm600×450 mm1000×450 mmBase materialGraniteNote: While the appearance of the natural stone measuring table varies according to the source, the high stability for which this material is known can always be relied upon.Refer to the FORMTRACER Avant Series Brochure(E15030) for more details.Catalog No. E15030Contour and Surface Roughness Measuring Systems FORMTRACER Avant SeriesForm MeasurementFORMTRACER_Avant_E_CC2015.indd 12019/09/25 15:54

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