A-29AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control softwareMeasurLink® Optional Process Analysis Software for ManagersProcess Analyzer ProfessionalPA Pro Functions• Result display· Classic view· Data sheet· 2D view· Part data sheet, etc.• Statistical Analysis result[Chart]Xbar-R, Xbar-S, X-Rs control charts, Histogram, Run chart, Pre-control chart, Tear chart, Box plot chart, Meter chart, Indicator bar, multivariate data control chart, etc.[Statistics]Maximum value, Minimum value, Standard deviation, Average ±3σ/4σ/6σ, Process capability indexes (Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk), Defect ratio, etc.• Report print out function· Measurement values, analysis calculation results and various charts can be arranged to output according to requirements.• Exporting function of measurement result· Excel· TextScatter plots: The relationship between two items can be plotted.• Filter functionKeyword items for data extraction· Measurement data (year, month, day, time, week, etc.)· Serial No.· Traceability information (e.g. Inspectors, Machine No., etc.)· Alarm item• Data processing· Data file merging, Copying· Editing• Data processing capability Old runs can be archived so they are not available for collection in Real-Time.• Electronic signature function· Provides support for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers electronic records, including audit trails, e-signatures and advanced security.· Conforms to FDA 21CFR Part 11MeasurLink® Process Management for ManagersProcess ManagerMonitor data as it is collected in Real-Time. Process Manager provides managers with the perfect tool to organize and maintain a shop-wide quality program at a glance. Display snapshot windows of characteristics that are currently being collected in MeasurLink® Real-Time. The data can be sorted by inspection station, capability or timestamp. Easily see process information without walking from one inspection area to another by viewing current production across all machines. Show clients your quality operation for the entire facility.• Manager ViewDisplays various types of charts as an at-a-glance guide. The manager can narrow down all items of data currently being measured into a specific monitoring range of those of critical importance or sort those data (in ascending or descending order) on the basis of process capability index.Possible to sort charts in the view and narrow down the monitoring range.MeterColumn indicatorBox plotCapability barRun chartSelects various charts such as run charts and histograms to display as an at-a-glance guide. (Multiple types of charts can be displayed in Manager View.)Analyze data collected on all networked Real-Time stations to identify problem areas, take corrective action, and improve the quality of your product. Inspection data can be merged, filtered, charted and printed to identify long-term trends and identify root causes for process improvement.• Filtering function that allows data extraction and groupingData can be extracted or grouped by selecting the date and time and other traceability information as keywords.The same data displayable by data collection software can be displayed, including measurement results, charts, and statistical calculation results with the look and feel of Windows Explorer.Example) Grouping by Machine No. ..... Cp, Cpk comparisonItem selection for groupingCpk value and bar graph per machine

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