L-16Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.L• Button-editing function You can hide buttons that are not used frequently. For example, you can choose to display only those buttons that are used frequently and increase the size of the displayed graphics window, thereby customizing the window to suit your needs.• Simple statistical commandsYou can perform statistical calculations of roughness parameters and contour analysis results without using a separate program such as Excel.• Contour analysis A wide variety of commands, which form the basic elements for analysis, are provided, including those for points (10 types), lines (6 types) and circles (6 types). A rich set of commands that combine these elements to calculate angles, pitches and distances as well as performing contour tolerancing and design value generation are also provided as standard features. These functions, combined with the function that enables you to customize the calculation command buttons by hiding less frequently used commands, help you to tailor the window according to the user's environment.• Surface roughness analysis FORMTRACEPAK can perform surface roughness analyses that conform to various standards such as ISO, JIS, ANSI and VDA. For comparing measurement values with the tolerance limits, you can use the 16% rule or the maximum value rule. Furthermore, since FORMTRACEPAK comes with parameter calculation functions as well as a rich set of graphic analysis functions, it can be widely utilized for everything from routine quality control to R&D applications. It also includes many other functions such as the function for eliminating (compensating) shapes, such as slopes and radiused surfaces (R-surfaces), and data deletion.• Contour-tolerancing as a standard feature• Design value generation• Data combination• Simple pitch calculation• Micro contour analysis• Simple input using drawing symbols• Multiple-point measurement• Analysis using multiple-point measurements• Reference length dialog box• Analysis condition modification with preview• R-surface automatic measurementContour measurementSurface roughness measurementRefer to the FORMTRACEPAK Brochure (E15018) for more details.• Online help functions Online help that can be viewed any time is incorporated into the software. In addition to index and keyword searches, a status-saving help button, which displays menus and Windows help with a click of the mouse, is provided.• Multiple language support (18 languages)You can switch the language to be used in the measurement, analysis, and layout windows.After measurements have been made, you can switch to another language and create a report in that language. This function can be used worldwide.

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