A-30AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.MeasurLink® Evaluation/Analysis Software for Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Gage R&RGage R&R is a collection of techniques whose purpose is to measure the capability of a measurement system for a measurement task. Gage R&R techniques provide information about a measurement system’s reproducibility, R&R, location or stability. Graphical tools allow for isolation of gaging problems including inconsistencies in technique between operators or inspectors.• Automatic calculation of MSA evaluation resultsThis allows the operator to simply input an evaluation method/evaluation condition and measurement data with the Wizard function. The operator can implement MSA evaluation simply by selecting an "investigation type option", "Measuring instrument option", "data input source option", "parameter option", etc.MeasurLink® Gage Management SoftwareGage ManagementThis software can help you plan and implement a reliable calibration schedule with a powerful retrieval function in addition to recording and controlling the status of measuring instruments. It enables simple recording of measuring instruments usage state (operation, storage, calibration, Gage R&R, repair and out-of-service) to speedily understand the current location and status of all measuring instruments. Measuring instrument information can be viewed from any networked terminal on which Gage Management is installed since the information is centrally managed in a database. Measuring instruments information can be shared between software packages linked to Gage R&R.• Evaluation method compliant with MSA (fourth edition) The software can implement evaluation using the following methods compliant with MSA (Measurement System Analysis).1) Measurement value tolerance Gage R&R variance analysis method2) Measurement value tolerance Gage R&R range & average method3) Measurement value branching Gage R&R variance analysis method4) Measurement value branching Gage R&R average & range method5) Measurement value range method6) Measurement value simplified method7) Measurement value MSA48) Deviation9) Linearity10) Stability• Analysis chart view Various charts such as the control chart are effective for analysis/judgment on variations due to operator, the adequacy of gage accuracy, etc., and remedies for problems.• Output of results as a report Evaluated results and charts can be printed as a report.• Registration of gage-specific information 1. Registration of information on gages within the systemThis allows registration of gage information on the following items and association with evaluated results. Registration items: Gage name, maker, model, resolution, unit, measuring range, etc.2. Information link between MeasurLink® Gage Management and this softwareThis software can use measuring instruments information that has been registered in Gage Management directly as options.Additionally, since Gage R&R evaluation results are also linked with measuring instruments information, the schedule of Gage R&R expiry dates can be managed by Gage Management.Investigation type optionsParameter optionsOverviewGage management table• Registration and running a calibration procedureAllows simple registration of the calibration procedure for each measuring instruments and implementation of the calibration.• Creation of a list of calibration-targeted gages from the gage management tableThe target gages are retrieved from a variety of search items such as gage ID, gage type, model, maker, distributor, calibration date, current usage state and location to create the list.Display of detailed gage informationDisplay of gages listed depending on calibration dateDisplay of calibration history• Confirmation of detailed gage informationAllows confirmation of detailed information on individual gages. The software allows you to display a list of gages depending on "Calibration Overdue", "Next Month Due", etc., by setting a calibration date and confirm detailed information on the calibration history of gages.Registration of calibration procedureCalibration run

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