L-26LMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.ROUNDPAKRoundness/Cylindricity measurement/Analysis software•A wide variety of parameters including those for roundness/cylindricity, as well as atness and parallelism, are provided as standard features. You can visually select these parameters using icons.ROUNDPAK also comes with specialized functions, such as the design value best-t analysis function, the harmonic analysis function, and a function for recording the peak or trough points on a circumference. Data that has already been collected can be easily used for re-calculation, or deleted.•Analysis results such as cylindricity and coaxiality can be visually expressed in 3D graphics.•An ofine teaching function is provided to create a part program (measurement procedure) without an actual measurement target, enabling the user to virtually execute the measurement operation in a 3D simulation window.Normal displayWire-frame displaySurface-map displayShading displayMachine Control ViewWorkpiece viewIcon ViewPart Program ListOperation Coordinates ViewModelAnalysis typeRTX-0605-ARA-2200/H5200RA-2200CNC/H5200CNC/6000CNCRA-1600RA-120PRA-120RA-10Roundness333333Cylindricity333Concentricity333333CoaxialityAxis element333333Axis3333Flatness333333Parallelism33333Perpendicularity33333Radial deviation333Thickness deviation33333Radial runout333333Total runout333Diameter measurement333Straightness333Inclination333Taper333Diameter contour tolerancing333Rectilinear contour tolerancing333Width measurement (only CNC)3 (only CNC)3 (only CNC)Power spectrum333Harmonic analysis3333Profile operation3 333Tapered surface analysis3 33Lead (twist) analysis3 (optional)3D surface property analysis3 (optional)•The customer can create reports in custom formats by specifying how the analysis results will be displayed, as well as the sizes and positions of graphics. The analysis result window can be directly utilized as a layout window. Since the measurement procedure, including the layout information, is saved, the entire process, from measurement start, calculation, result saving, and nally to printing, can be automatically executed.Data deletion

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