M-5MHardness Testing MachinesStart quality control from the material — Mitutoyo's hardness testing machines can handle itMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.810-512-21810-512-23810-522-21810-522-23810-527-21ModelHR-610AHR-620AHR-620BDisplay unitmetric inch/mmmetric inch/mmーHardness testing methods*1RockwellJIS B 7726:2017, ISO 6508-2:2015, ASTM E18-20Brinell*2JIS B 7724:2017, ISO 6506-2:2017, ASTM E10-18PlasticISO 2039-1:2001JIS K 7202-2:2001, ISO 2039-2:1987, ASTM D785-08 [A&B]Indentation Brinell hardnessVDI/VDE 2616Indentation Vickers hardnessVDI/VDE 2616Initial test force N (kgf)Rockwell29.42 (3) 98.07 (10)Plastic9.807 (1)98.07 (10)Indentation Brinell hardness98.07 (10) 490.3 (50)Indentation Vickers hardness9.807 (1)Test force N (kgf)Rockwell147.1 (15) 294.2 (30) 441.3 (45) 588.4 (60) 980.7 (100) 1471 (150)Brinell49.03 (5) to 1839 (187.5)9.807 (1) to 2452 (250)Plastic49.03 (5) 132.4 (13.5) 358.0 (36.5) 962.1 (98.1)588.4 (60) 980.7 (100) 1471 (150)Indentation Brinell hardness612.9 (62.5) 1839 (187.5)612.9 (62.5) 1839 (187.5) 2452 (250)Indentation Vickers hardness294.2 (30) 490.3 (50)Power supplyAC100 to 200 V 50/60 HzMass176 kg181 kg205 kg*1 Plastic testing may not be enabled depending on the material. For Brinell hardness, indentation Brinell hardness, and plastic hardness testing, other special accessories are required.*2 For Brinell hardness testing, an indenter (optional) and a measurement microscope are required.Note: No indenter is supplied with the unit. Separately purchase an indenter that conforms to the applicable standard.• A workpiece that cannot be placed on a tester due to its large size can be placed on the stage of this product and tested as is. (Maximum loading mass 100 kg)• The motorized stage makes automatic multi-point testing at multiple places and of multiple workpieces possible.• Plastic hardness testing is also available in addition to Rockwell/Brinell tests on metal. Brinell and Vickers indentation hardness tests which do not require vision measurement can also be performed.• The HR-610A/620A is operable with a touch panel display (some functions are operable with AVPAK software) and the HR-620B is operable with a touch panel display and AVPAK software.• Automatic testing by moving in the X-, Y- and Z-axis directions for workpieces with uneven surfaces or steps is made possible by adding X-axis stage and AVPAK software to HR-620B, which is equipped with a motorized Y-axis stage as standard. Also, using FORMEio software makes possible easy communication with PLCs for automation purposes, such as control of handling devices and work cells.HR-610A(Motorized X-axis stage is available)HR-620B(With a motorized Y-axis stage as standard and an optional motorized X-axis stage)An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-9 for details.Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink® (refer to page A-25 for details).HR-600 SERIES 810 — CNC Rockwell Hardness Testing MachinesRefer to the HR-600 Series Brochure (E17011) for more details.Catalog No. E17011High-End CNC Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-600 SeriesTest Equipment and SeismometersHR-600_SERIES_E_CC2015.indd 12019/09/25 21:32CAUTION: The AVPAK-20 software package is not for use within, or export to, the United States of America The AVPAK-10 software package is for the United States of AmericaAn online system to monitor the operational and mechanical statuses of measuring machines. This allows you to grasp the state of a process flow from the operational status of measuring machines within a production process.

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