M-10MMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.HARDMATIC HH-300 SERIES 811 — Durometers for Sponge, Rubber, and Plastics811-329-10 HH-329811-335-10 HH-335811-337-10 HH-337811-330-10 HH-330811-336-10 HH-336811-338-10 HH-338811-331-10 HH-331811-333-10 HH-333SPECIFICATIONS Order No.811-329-10811-330-10811-331-10811-332-10811-333-10811-334-10811-335-10811-336-10811-337-10811-338-10Model No.HH-329*HH-330HH-331*HH-332HH-333*HH-334HH-335*HH-336HH-337*HH-338TypeCompact LongCompactDisplay specificationAnalogDigitalAnalogDigitalAnalogDigitalAnalogDigitalAnalogDigitalMeasurement targetSoft rubber, sponge,felt, hard film, winderGeneral rubber, soft plastichard rubber, hard plastic, eboniteGeneral rubber, soft plastichard rubber, hard plastic, eboniteClassification by specificationType EType AType DType AType DNeedle shapeShaft diameterø5 mmø1.25 mmTip shapeSemi-sphereCircular truncated coneConeCircular truncated coneConeTip angle—35°30°35°30°Tip diameter—ø0.79 mm—ø0.79 mm—Tip curvature——0.1 mm—0.1 mmPower supply—Button silver oxide battery SR44—Button silver oxide battery SR44—Button silver oxide battery SR44—Button silver oxide battery SR44—Button silver oxide battery SR44External dimensions (W×D×H)68×34×146 mm59×40×147 mmAnalog, long type : 68×35×188 mmDigital, compact type: 59×41×190 mmAnalog, long type : 68×34×146 mmDigital, compact type: 59×40×147 mmMass300 g290 g320 g310 g320 g310 g300 g290 g300 g290 g* Models which can be connected to the MeasurLink measurement data network system are only Digital types.Optional Accessories for Dual-purpose Stand CTS SeriesOrder No.811-019811-012811-013ModelCTS-101CTS-102CTS-103Applicable modelsHH-331/332HH-333/334/337/338/337-01/338-01HH-335/336/335-01/336-01Compact typeLong type811-332-10 HH-332811-334-10 HH-334Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink® (refer to page A-25 for details).•Hardness measurement by durometer is simply performed by holding the instrument against the surface of a specimen and reading the indicated value. This type of hardness tester is most widely used for hardness testing of sponge, rubber, plastics and other soft materials.

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