N-18Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.NScanning probesNon-contact probesMPP-310QSP80High accuracy scanning probe (supports long styli)A highly accurate stylus up to 500 mm in length (both horizontally and vertically) can be installed on this probe. This ultra-high precision scanning probe allows data collection by scanning measurement, ultra-high precision point measurement and center alignment point measurement.Ultra-high accuracy and low measuring force scanning probeThis ultra-high precision scanning probe incorporates built-in XYZ scales for highest-accuracy performance. The compact size of this probe is ideal for low measuring force and high speed scanning. Data collection can be performed by scanning measurement, ultra-high precision point measurement and center alignment measurement. MPP-10REVO-2Probe for effective thread-depth measurementThis is the only probe in the world that is dedicated to measure effective screw-thread depth on a CNC CMM. The probe can also attach to a probe head (PH10M/10MQ) to change the orientation to measure bores in various directions.High speed 5-axis scanning headThis high-speed scanning head delivers high accuracy measurement while delivering high-throughput. Contact measurement with a stylus that can be up to 500 mm in length increases flexibility and makes simultaneous 5-axis measuring with non-step indexing possible.SurfaceMeasureNon-contact type laser probeThis compact, high accuracy, non-contact type laser probe is designed for use with CNC CMMs. The scanning probe automatically adjusts to workpiece surface characteristics to deliver highly efficient measurements. Automatic laser intensity and camera sensitivity adjust according to the environment and the workpiece material, for simpler and more comfortable laser scanning. SP25MCompact high accuracy type scanning probeThis compact, multifunctional and highly accurate scanning probe is only 25 mm in diameter, which enables it to access shrouded workpiece features. Data collection is by scanning measurement, ultra-high precision point measurement and center alignment point measurement. The probe can be attached to a probe head (PH10M/10MQ) to automatically change the orientation allowing for maximum flexibility in measurement.CF20SurfaceMeasure 403SurfaceMeasure 1110SurfaceMeasure 201FSCentering microscope for CMMsThis centering microscope enables measurement of small holes or elastic bodies that are very difficult to measure using a contact measurement method such as with a touch-trigger probe. It also allows a CMM to be used as a very large microscope. QVPQUICK VISION probe This CNC CMM Quick Vision Probe utilizes Mitutoyo's technology in a vision measuring machine for totally-automated video measurement.A probe for roughness measurementSURFTESTProbe for surface roughness measurementMounting this probe on a CMM enables surface roughness measurement and analysis to be included in fully automatic CNC measurement cycles. This probe is compatible with an automatic probe changer, and therefore can be automatically replaced with another type of probe for 3D coordinate measurement. A wide variety of roughness analyses can be performed using the dedicated evaluation program.Touch-trigger probesTP7MHigh accuracy touch-trigger probeThis high-accuracy touch-trigger probe has an excellent repeatability figure of of 2σ≤ 0.25 µm. A long stylus, up to 150 mm in length, can be installed.TP200Compact high-accuracy touch-trigger probeThis compact, high accuracy, touch-trigger probe is only 13.5 mm in diameter, making it an ideal choice where high-accuracy measurement inside narrow or shrouded workpiece features is needed.Styli auto-changing (optional) is supported.TP20Compact touch-trigger probe This compact touch-trigger probe is only 13.2 mm in diameter, making it an ideal choice for probing deep inside narrow or shrouded workpiece features.Styli auto-changing (optional) is supported when mounted on a CNC CMM.CCTV Monitor System for CMM (optional)

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