U-8UThrough M3 Solution Centers across the world, we offer optimum measuring solutions to our customers.In recent years, as the reduction of lead times has become a major theme in manufacturing, in the category of large measuring equipment such as coordinate measuring machines, including car body CMMs and form measuring instruments, demand for CNC machines (computer numerical control automated measuring machines) has been rising. Moreover, along with a similar increase in demand for 3D CAD, non-contact measurement using laser sensor probes has become common for 3D measuring machines.By providing M3 Solution Centers in various locations across the world, Mitutoyo is in a position to propose the use of its technologies in the elds of hardware, software, sensors, automatic control, handling systems, and the various types of tools, combined with thirdparty technologies, to answer customers’ issues relating to advanced measurement.A network spanning Japan, Asia, Europe, and America provides solutions to all kinds of problems on a global basis.Our mission is to provide optimum solutions tailored to the measurement-related needs of our customers in a speedy and accurate manner. In order to effectively respond to the various requests and tasks given us by customers all around the world, Mitutoyo has set up M3 Solution Centers that promote our measuring technologies to a worldwide audience.Our collaborative network, which spans Japan, Asia, Europe, and America, allows us to respond to needs on a global basis.M3 Solution Center Taichung (Taiwan)M3 Solution Center (Singapore)MSA Technical Center (India)M3 Solution Center (South Korea)

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