IVNote: The above are domestic and international locations where Mitutoyo provides ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services. (As of July, 2021) • Japan AIST : National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology NMIJ : National Metrology Institute of Japan IAJapan : International Accreditation Japan NITE : National Institute of Technology and Evaluation JCSS : Japan Calibration Service System• Singapore NMC/A*STAR : National Metrology Centre/Agency for Science, Technology and Research SAC : Singapore Accreditation Council• Malaysia NML-SIRIM : National Metrology Laboratory-Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia STANDARDS : STANDARDS MALAYSIA MALAYSIA• Indonesia Puslit KIM-LIPI : Research Center for Calibration, Instrumentation and Metrology- Indonesian Institute of Science KAN : Komite Akreditasi Nasional• Thailand NIMT : National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) TISI : Thai Industrial Standard Institute• Vietnam VMI-STAMEQ : Vietnam Metrology Institute, Directorate for Standards and Quality BoA : BUREAU OF ACCREDITATION• India NPLI : National Physical Laboratory of India NABL : National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories• Taiwan NML R.O.C. : National Measurement Laboratory R.O.C. TAF : Taiwan Accreditation Foundation• Korea KRISS : Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science KOLAS : Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme• China NIM : National Institute of Metrology CNCA : Certication and Accreditation Administration of the people’s republic of China CNAS : China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assesment• U.S.A. NIST : National Institute of Standards and Technology A2LA : American Association for Laboratory Accreditation• Canada NRC-INMS : National Research Council Canada/Institute for National Measurement Standards CLAS/SCC : Calibration Laboratory Assessment Service/Standards Council of Canada• Mexico CENAM : Centro Nacional de Metrología EMA : Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación, a.c.• Germany PTB : Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt DAkkS : Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH• U.K. NPL : National Physical Laboratory UKAS : United Kingdom Accreditation ServiceNationalmetrologyinstituteAPAC〈MRA〉JapanSTANDARDSMALAYSIANML-SIRIMMalaysiaTAFNMLR.O.C.TaiwanKOLASKRISSKoreaBoAVMI-STAMEQVietnamKANPuslitKIM-LIPIIndonesiaSACNMC/A*STARSingaporeAccreditationbodyAccreditedcalibrationMitutoyoMitutoyolaboratoryMitutoyo Utsunomiya Calibration CenterNo. 0031 (Length)Mitutoyo Kawasaki Calibration CenterNo. 0086 (Length)Mitutoyo Hiroshima Calibration CenterNo. 0109 (Length and Hardness)Mitutoyo Sales and Service DivisionNo. 0186 (Length and Hardness)NMIJ/AISTIAJapan/NITE(JCSS)ILAC〈MRA〉IndiaNPLINABLMitutoyo Miyazaki PlantNo. 0030 (Length)ThailandTISINIMTMitutoyo Asia Pacic Pte. Ltd.No. LA-1996-0102-C (Length and Hardness)Mitutoyo Taiwan Co., Ltd.No. 0336 (Length and Hardness)Mitutoyo Korea Corporation (Busan)No. KC16-321 (Length)Mitutoyo Vietnam Co., Ltd. No. VILAS 741 (Length)Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt. Ltd.No. CC-2522 (Length and Hardness)Mitutoyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. No. 0258 (Length)No. LK-183-IDN (Length and Hardness)PT. Mituoyo IndonesiaMitutoyo (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. No. SAMM152 (Length and Hardness)Mitutoyo Metrological StandardsCalibration Section No. 0067 (Length and Temperature)Calibration Laboratories WorldwideMitutoyo has built a network for comprehensive calibration support of precision measuring products in the global market. To provide calibration services on a global scale, Mitutoyo has gained ISO/IEC 17025 certication from the accreditation body in each country, and has issued calibration certicates carrying the mark of each accreditation body. In addition, the calibration certicates issued by each calibration laboratory are mutually recognized in the countries and commercial areas signed in the MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) of ILAC and APAC, or the MLA (Multilateral Agreement) of EA.

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