In the Spirit of MitutoyoTo become a complete man, one must acquire Wisdom, Benevolence and Valor. With Wis-dom only, one tends to be cold. Benevolence alone makes one weaker. With valor only, one may reach beyond his capabilities. When the three qualities are combined, however, one will become a complete man. Similarly, success in enterprise lies in the knowledge of Heaven, Earth and Man. Business will succeed only when these factors, "heavensent" chances, natural opportunities, and harmony of man are present. Without even one factor, success is remote. In Buddhism, Butsu (Buddha), Po (Doctrine) and So (Priest) are three principle treasures for its promotion of the teaching. In Christianity, God, Bible and Minister.The word MITUTOYO signies three abundances. "Mitsu" means three, while "Toyo" stands for a state of abundance. The name MITUTOYO was selected, with a sincere wish to see more complete men, to create a prosperous enterprise and to introduce righteous religion to all, along with the lasting wish for a peaceful world and fulllment of meaningful life.

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