B-78BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Unit: mmPlain StemBush (standard accessory)350-261-30 Stem locknutDIMENSIONSPlain stemStem locknutPlain stemSpherical facePlain stem350-281-30 (Stem dia. 12mm, waterproof type) Mass: 230 g350-251-30 MHN1-25MXø6.35ø18ø6.3 (Measuring face)15ø10 0-0.00910.847.7(17)42114.4(139.4)Spherical face350-283-3014ø12+0.010ø180-0.011Fixture thickness: 11.5 mm350-282-30 (Stem dia. 12 mm, equipped with locknut, waterproof type) Mass: 230 gM9.5×0.5350-252-30MHN2-25MX10.84ø14ø1815ø10 0-0.009ø6.3 (Measuring face)ø6.35(17)42(139.4)114.447.7*1 Other dimensions are the same as 350-281-30. ( ): with spindle fully retracted. *1SR4*1 Other dimensions are the same as 350-282-30. ( ): with spindle fully retracted. Equipped with a non-rotating device 350-261-30(Stem dia. 12 mm, waterproof type) Mass: 235 gtomeneji–0.011ø120504510(1.5)52.714(58)ø6.35ø11ø6.35(27.7)(101)(126)ø1850451542ø10ø6.35ø18(17)(139.5)114.5(58)0–0.009Ratchet Stem locknutSpherical faceSpherical face350-284-30*1SR4Technical Data• Measuring face Material: Carbide Hardness: 90 HRA or more Lapped• Scale nishing: Satin-chrome plated

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