INDEX-5DIGITAL READOUT AND POSITION FEEDBACK OF MACHINE TOOLSLinear ScalesH-7 to H-22ABSOLUTE Digimatic Scale Units (SD)H-3 to H-6Linear GagesG-5 to G-15STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROLInput Tool SeriesA-14USB Input Tool Direct: USB-ITNA-13U-Wave SystemA-15 to A-18Digimatic Mini-Processor DP-1VA LOGGERA-23Multiplexer MUX-10FA-24MeasurLinkA-5MeasureReport A-12MEASUREMENT IN ROLL FORMINGn ONE-DIMENSIONALVernier CaliperD-11 to D-13, D-23 to D-25, D-35Dial CaliperD-16ABSOLUTE Digimatic CaliperD-3 to D-10, D-14 to D-15, D-17 to D-22, D-26 to D-34, D-36 to D-37 Vernier Height GageD-49Dial Height GageD-50Digimatic Height GageD-43 to D-48Dial IndicatorsF-26 to F-66Digimatic IndicatorsF-3 to F-25Dial Test IndicatorsF-67 to F-76Outside MicrometersB-3 to B-56Digit Outside MicrometersB-18Digimatic MicrometersB-3 to B-12, B-19, B-25, B-27, B-31 to B-33, B-39 to B-49, B-53, B-59Bore GagesC-27 to C-29, C-31 to C-42Linear GagesG-5 to G-15QM-HeightD-55Laser Scan MicrometersG-31 to G-35Mu-CheckerG-25 to G-28Black Granite Surface PlatesE-46n TWO-DIMENSIONALLinear HeightD-53n THREE-DIMENSIONALMICROCORD (CMM)N-3 to N-17Quick Vision series K-3 to K-8Micro Form Measuring System K-9RoundtestL-21 to L-26SurftestL-3 to L-7PagePagePage

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