C-45CMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice. • Extension Rods (optional) are available to assist in deep-hole measurement. • If two or more Extension Rods are connected together, measurement errors may occur due to exure of the rod assembly. Therefore it is best to use no more than a single Extension Rod.• Extension Rods are available up to 1000 mm in length.• Cannot be connected to products with special sizes or special specications.• When using a 500 mm (or longer) Extension Rod, use the bore gage in an upright position.• The accuracy and security of the assembly should be conrmed after connecting a rod.Extension RodSERIES 511 — Accessories for Bore Gages• Both the at backplate of a dial indicator and backplate with a lug can be attached to a protection cover.7128992871190007 (M2.5)Round-head Phillips screws139484Retaining plate21DAA000CoverDial protection cover set Part No.21DZA000SPECIFICATIONSApplicable modelExtension rod length (mm)Extension rod diameter (mm)Spanner part No. Order No.1252505007501000511-701/511-731953549953550953551——ø9102148 (2 pcs.)511-415/511-418511-416/511-419511-417/511-420511-702/511-732953552953553953555953556ø12212556 (2 pcs.)511-703/511-733511-704/511-734953554511-803/511-833511-804/511-834511-705/511-735953557952361953558953559953560ø15212556 (2 pcs.)511-706/511-736511-805/511-835511-806/511-836511-807/511-837511-808/511-838Note 1: If an extension rod is attached, the measuring accuracy may degrade due to factors such as rod deection.Note 2: Spanner is supplied as standard.Extension rodMeasuring headSpanner seatMain unitNote: To remove the measuring head, use the spanner with extension rods. With the spanner engaged with the spanner seat on the main unit sleeve, dismount the head. Bore GagesFor easy and accurate measurement of inside diametersProtection coverNote: It can also be attached to Digimatic Indicators (543-310B, 543-312B).Unit: mm

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