D-50DMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• Easy and error-free reading with both up and down digital counters as well as a dial.• Can be zero-set at any arbitrary position.• Provided with a large adjustment wheel for easy height adjustment.• Clamp can be operated easily and securely.• Fits comfortably in the hand and moves easily on the surface plate.• Carbide tipped scriber (07GZA000) is attached as standard. (Standard accessory: Scriber clamp 05GZA033)• For precision Black Granite Surface Plates, refer to page E-46.Note: Do not hold the height gage by the column as this can affect the accuracy.Dial Height Gage SERIES 192 — With digital counter0 - 1000 mm0 - 300 mm (0 - 450 mm, 0 - 600 mm)603233 (38)135 (180)470 (648, 798)991 (120)63 (70)30ø15 (ø20)30 (32)106.5 (114.5)45 (54)35.5 (40.5)0102030405060708090mmmm0.01mm300mm60213351220652501509383260114.540.540ø20Optional Accessories• 07GZA000: Scriber• 953638: Holding bar for test indicator (length: 50 mm)• 900209: Holding bar for test indicator (length: 100 mm)• 953639: Holding bar for test indicator (length: 2 in)• 900306: Holding bar for test indicator (length: 4 in)• 900321: Swivel clamp used with holding bar (metric)• 900322: Swivel clamp used with holding bar (inch)• 902053: Clamp (with dovetail groove, ø6 and ø8 holes)Note: A test indicator can be mounted on a height gage using a holding bar and clamp.SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range (mm)Accuracy (mm)Graduation (mm)Height (mm)Mass (kg)192-1300 - 300±0.030.014704.2192-1310 - 450±0.056489.2192-1320 - 6007989.8192-1330 - 1000±0.07122017.0InchOrder No.Range (in)Accuracy (in)Graduation (in)Height (mm)Mass (kg)192-1500 - 12±0.00150.0014704.2192-1510 - 18±0.0026489.2192-1520 - 247989.8192-1530 - 40±0.003122017.0DIMENSIONS Unit: mm192-130

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