E-2EMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Small Tool Instruments and Reference GagesGauge BlocksGauge BlockReference GagesGranite Surface PlatesHeight Master & Reference GagesHeight MasterEEEEINDEXGauge BlocksFeatures and AccuraciesE-3Gauge Blocks with a Calibrated Coefcient of Thermal ExpansionE-6ZERO CERA Blocks E-6Metric/Inch Rectangular Gauge Block Sets E-7Micrometer Inspection Gauge Block Sets E-11Individual Metric Rectangular Gauge Blocks E-13Individual Inch Rectangular Gauge BlocksE-15Rectangular Gauge Block AccessoriesE-17Accessories for Rectangular Gauge Blocks over 100 mm E-19Metric/Inch Square Gauge Block SetsE-21Individual Metric Square Gauge Blocks E-23Individual Inch Square Gauge Blocks E-24Square Gauge Block Accessories SetE-25Step MasterE-27Custom-made Blocks & Gages E-28Maintenance Kit for Gauge BlocksE-29CerastonE-30Gauge Block CalibrationGauge Block Comparator GBCD-100AE-31Gauge Block Comparator GBCD-250E-31Quick Guide to Precision Measuring InstrumentsE-32Height Master, Standard Scales, Reference Gages and Granite Surface PlatesHeight MasterE-33Universal Height MasterE-35Check MasterE-36High Accuracy Check Master E-36Standard Scales E-37Working Standard Scales E-38High Precision SquareE-39Square MasterE-40Precision Levels E-41Bench CentersE-41Steel RulesE-42Thickness GagesE-43Radius GagesE-44Thread Pitch GagesE-44Digimatic Universal ProtractorE-45Universal Bevel ProtractorE-45Bevel ProtractorE-45Black Granite Surface PlatesE-46

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