F-60FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Order No.TD1200610.421200620.6212006314Interchangeable Contact Point SetThis set consists of six types of popular contact point for extending the use of an indicator to many applications.102.5TDAUnit: mmø10231539ø10AUnit: mmR52L5ø5.2AUnit: mmUnit: mm9.5 (0.35 in)ø5.2 (2 in)4-48UNFM2.5×0.459.5 (0.35 in)ø5.2 (2 in)4-48UNFM2.5×0.45Order No.21AAA011Order No.21AAA012Order No.Contact points included7822Flat Point (131365, ø5 mm)Flat Point (101117, ø10 mm)Needle Point (101121)Spherical Point (101119)Shell Type Point (101118)Shell Type Point (101387)Order No.L3036111021AAA259A153036122021AAA259B253036133021AAA259C3521AAA259D4021AAA259E4521AAA259F5021AAA259G553041466021AAA259H6521AAA259J7021AAA259L7521AAA259M8030414790303614100Order No.L1391671/2 in3016551 in3016572 in3016594 inOrder No.901954Order No.901991A: M2.5×0.45A: M2.5×0.45A: M2.5×0.45A: M2.5×0.45A: 4-48UNFA: 4-48UNFExtension RodRoller PointSuitable for use on a moving workpiece surface, or where the workpiece needs to slide from the side.Blade Point (Carbide)Suitable for measuring cylinders.Contact PointsOptional Accessory for Digimatic and Dial Indicators and Linear Gages120062901954303613

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