F-65FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Replacing bezels and graduation platesA bezel and graduation plate must be swaged together so that the graduation plate always rotates with the bezel. Assemblies comprised of a swaged bezel and graduation plate are available for some models.Order No. of dial indicatorsOrder No. of swaged assemblies2046S21AZB1322109S-1021AZB1382046F9034572109F903464Set order No. 7823EUSet Conguration(1) Spindle rest (129730)(2) Pin remover (129732)(3) Punch (129733)(4) Bearing adjuster (129734)(5) Pinion set (129735)(6) Reamer ø1 (129736)(7) Reamer ø0.6 (193702)(8) Reamer for pointer (ø0.5: 1/20 taper) (21JAA273)(9) Pointer removing tool (126628)(10) Soft touch pliers (21JAA371)(11) Nippers (901179)(12) Pin rest (129731)(13) Hammer (901178)(14) Stick (21JAA314)(15) Brush (901177)(16) Brush (901176)(17) Pin-vise (901175)(18) Screwdriver (Phillips/at blade) (901174)(19) Tweezers (129729)(20) Screwdriver (Phillips) (901173)(21) Pointer removing tip (ø0.8) (126630)(22) Pointer removing tip (ø0.5) (126630B)(23) Pointer removing tip (ø1.6) (126630C)(24) Adjustable nut (100699)Application examplesRemove the long handPosition the pointer removing tool (No. 9) on the hole diameter of the minute hand. Push the pivot with the pointer removing tool to remove the long hand.Remove the little hand Remove the little hand with the nippers (No. 11). Adjust a bearingPress the steel or jeweled bearing into its housing using the bearing adjuster (No. 4).Remove or replace a pinPlace the spindle on the groove of the spindle rest (No. 1). Remove the pin with the pin remover (No. 2) and the hammer (No. 13). Tap the pin directly with the hammer (No. 13) to replace the pin.Replace the long or little hand Screw the pinion rest (No. 5) into the pin rest (No. 12). Support the pinion with the xed pinion rest, and replace the hand with the punch (No. 3) and hammer (No. 13). Reaming is necessary in order to use a new hand. Use the reamer ø1 (No. 6) or reamer ø0.6 (No. 7) for F-type dial indicators and dial test indicators. Use the reamer for pointer (ø0.5 1/20 taper) (No. 8) on S type and T type dial indicators.Order No. 7000• Used for tting a crystal on dial indicators (Series 1 and 2), dial test indicators, and dial calipers. (Integrated molded crystals are excluded.) • 8 sizes of crystal setting pads are supplied as standard. • Application examplesNos. 2 and 3: Pocket-type dial test indicators Nos. 3 and 4: Dial test indicators, universal-type test indicators, full-range of Series 1 dial indicators, full range of dial calipersNos. 7 and 8: full-range of Series 2 dial indicators, dial height gage with counter• Size of crystal setting pads (mm)(1) ø19.5 (2) ø22.5 (3) ø25.5 (4) ø28.5 (5) ø32.5 (6) ø35 (7) ø38 (8) ø50• Crystal setting pads set (including No. 1 to No. 8): 21JAA032Note: Crystal setting pads for large dial indicators (Series 3 and 4) are available by special order.Dial Indicator Crystal SetterDial Indicator Repair Tool Kit(7)(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)(8)Dial IndicatorsComparison measuring instruments which ensure high quality, high accuracy and reliability.(24)(12)(19)(18)(4)(2)(3)(20)(1)(10)(16)(5)(22)(23)(9)(11)(6)(7)(8)(17)(14)(13)(15)(21)

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