G-13GLinear GagesIdeal for integration into harsh environments such as automation applicationsMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• Spindle lifting cable: 971753• I/O connector: 02ADB440• SENSORPAKRefer to page G-20 for more details.• Rubber boot: 238772 (Spare for 542-715 and 542-720)ø50Gage mounting holeø15H725(350)10025034 ‒17530011080270(Return-speed adjustment knob)504ø2412 (stroke)43Optional Accessories• LGH stand: 971750LGH (0.01/0.005 μm resolution)SERIES 542 — High-accuracy/resolution Type•This series has achieved very high accuracy combined with a resolution of 0.01/0.005 μm (according to model), practically equivalent to that of a laser interferometer, and a wide measuring range of 10 mm.• A compact body design makes a signicant contribution to a downsizing of this gage itself, which is best suited for calibration/evaluation of master gages as well as • This model is equipped with a newly developed photoelectric reection-type linear encoder, achieving an excellent resolution of 0.01 µm, a measuring accuracy of 0.2 µm and a measuring range of 10 mm at a low price.• Responsivity has been improved by 2.8 times (250 mm/s => 700 mm/s) compared to the previous model.• This model is equipped with a newly developed ultra-high precision transmission type linear encoder, achieving the outstanding resolution of 0.005 µm (5 nm).• A measuring accuracy of 0.1 µm has been attained over the wide measuring range of 10 mm. This series is most suited for calibration/evaluation of master gages where its wide measuring range is a great advantage.measurement of high-precision parts and as a length measuring sensor incorporated into high-precision positioning/control units.• A low measuring force model is available for those applications where measurement of easily deformed or damaged workpieces is required. • Every LGH series gage is bundled with a dedicated counter.Unit: mmDIMENSIONSGage head:542-715Gage head:542-720Fixation of power cord(Tilt angle when stand equipped)144148.211.21377.513868156 (Stand equipped)7297(Stand equipped)75.1(Rubber boot equipped)Approx.10°Cable Assy(2 m)Connector (detachable)Stem dia for xationCarbied-tipped, Sø3901312Connector for lifting cable542-716 (low measuring force)LGH-1010C-B-EHRubber boot not equipped542-715 (standard)LGH-1010-B-EH(37.6)ø4.8ø10.410.563.3ø15h6 0-0.01140182010148.3(14)8525R20*542-720 (standard)LGH-0510-B-EHConnector for lifting cableCarbide sphere SR5120058Cable (2 m)542-721 (low measuring force)LGH-0510C-B-EHRubber boot not equipped(stroke)Stem dia for xation10401820145.9 (stem) 2510.560.98545.419.4ø15h6 0-0.011(25*)542-716542-721Dedicated counter (set)Dedicated counter* Minimum bending radius or minimum dressed dimension APPLICATIONSMaster gage calibration/evaluationInspection of high-precision partsNeedle contact-point mounting exampleAn inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-11 for details.Refer to the Linear Gage Brochure (No. E13007) for more details.

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