G-18GMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Function• External Control (Zero-set, Preset etc.)• Direction switch• Error display• Tolerance judgment output• Diverse data output (RS-232C, BCD, Segment)• Peak measurement Maximum value, minimum value, runout, and differ-ential measurement between two gagesAddition, averaging, maximum value, minimum value, and maximum widthOptional Accessories• I/O output connector (with cover): 02ADB440• D-EV External display unit*1: 02ADD400• SPC cable (0.5 m): 02ADD950• SPC cable (1 m): 936937• SPC cable (2 m): 965014• AC adapter: 357651• AC cable (Japan): 02ZAA000*2• AC cable (USA): 02ZAA010*2• AC cable (EU): 02ZAA020*2• AC cable (UK): 02ZAA030*2• AC cable (China): 02ZAA040*2• AC cable (Korea): 02ZAA050*2• Terminal connecting cable: 02ADD930*2*1 Refer to page G-19 for details of D-EV.*2 Required when using AC adapter.Refer to page G-20 for more details.SENSORPAKDIMENSIONSEV-16P/Z/D CounterSERIES 542 — 6-channel, No-display Type•Up to six gages can be connected to one unit, extendable up to 10 units (60 gages at maximum) using the RS Link function* to facilitate the conguration of a multi-point measurement system.* Refer to "Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments" on page G-23 for details of the RS link.•A range of output modes to choose from: I/O output for tolerance judgment and segment output, BCD data output and RS-232C output are available.•Other than normal measurement, peak measurement or differential measurement between gages can be performed.542-063542-067542-064SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.542-063542-067542-064Number of input channels6Maximum input frequency1.25 MHz (2-phase square wave), response speed depends on gage specification. Max. counting speed: 5 MHz 1.25 MHz (2-phase square wave), response speed depends on gage specification. Max. counting speed: 5 MHzResponse speed depends on gage specification.Quantizing error±1 countResolution( ) indicates maximum display range10 µm (±999999.99 mm) / 0.0005 in (±9999.9995 in) 5 µm (±999999.995 mm) / 0.00005 in (±999.99995 in)0.5 µm (±9999.9995 mm) / 0.000005 in (±99.999995 in)*[Parameter set]10 µm (±999999.99 mm) / 0.0005 in (±9999.9995 in) 5 µm (±999999.995 mm) / 0.00005 in (±999.99995 in)1 µm (±99999.999 mm) / 0.00005 in (±999.99995 in)0.5 µm (±9999.9995 mm) / 0.000005 in (±99.999995 in)[Parameter set]Depends on gage specification. Error messageOverspeed, gage error etc.External displayDedicated external display unit D-EV (optional) can be connected.Number of input switches4Function of input switchesMeasurement mode switching, parameter settingInput/output Tolerance judgment output1 to 6 channels (L1, L2, L3), open-collectorBCD outputParallel BCD output (positive/negative-true logic), open-collectorSegment outputFunction to set on only the terminals corresponding to the counting values, open-collectorControl outputNormal operation signal (NOM), open-collectorControl inputOutput channel designation (segment, in the BCD mode), presetting, peak value clear, range changeover (at segment output), holding counting valueopen-collector or no-voltage contact signal (with/without contact point)InterfaceRS-232CMeasurement data output and control inputEIA RS-232C-compatibleUse cross cables for home position, DTE (terminal definition).RS linkMax. connecting unit: 10Connecting cable length: Max. 10 m (sum of link cable length)Data transfer time: 1 sec./60 ch (when transmission rate is 19200 bps)Power supply Voltage12 to 24 V DC (terminal block: M3)Consumption8.4 W or less (700 mA max.)Ensure at least 1 A is available per unit.Operating temperature (humidity) ranges 0 to 40 °C (RH 20 to 80 %, non-condensing)Storage temperature (humidity) ranges–10 to 50 °C (RH 20 to 80 %, non-condensing)MassApprox. 910 gApprox. 910 gApprox. 830 gStandard AccessoriesFixing foot (4), connecting bracket (4), fixing screw M4×12 (8)Applicable gage headLGF, LGK, LGB, LGModel with reference point mark is excluded.LGF with reference point markLGD, LGS* Available when using D-EV. Unit: mm1446.54.5441366725516116161394464Code No.***-***Model EV-16PCode No.***-***MADE IN JAPANRS LINKErr.OUTINLOAD87MODE6543SEL.21DATAFEDINPUTCBARS-232CIO/BCD+V-VDC12-24V700mA542-063Refer to the Linear Gage Brochure (No. E13007) for more details.

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