A-19AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control softwareMeasurement Data Wireless Communication SystemU-WAVEOptional Accessories for U-WAVE-TU-WAVE-T mounting plateSince the standard cable clip is not sufcient to support the U-WAVE-T on a Digimatic gage, a mounting plate is provided. The mounting plate can be xed to the gage by the easily detachable hook-and-eye type fasteners provided. Batteries can be replaced without needing to detach the U-WAVE-T from the gage.U-WAVE-T mounting plateOrder No.02AZE200Standard accessories• Detachable fasteners: 1 set• Mounting screw 2 pcs.U-WAVE-TU-WAVE-TMounting holes*1Connecting cableMounting screwsDetachable fastenerMounting diagram (02AZE200)Application examples of the mounting plateSuper Caliper CD67-S15PMQuantuMike MDE-25MXDigimatic Indicator ID-C112XBApplication example of the 'Event drive' mode Data request support from PC. Special order U-WAVEPAK (Event drive) *1 To avoid damaging the threaded holes in the plastic body of the U-WAVE-T unit, the mounting screws should be tightened only just sufciently to grip. Repeated removal of these screws should also be avoided for the same reason.*2 In order to avoid loss of adhesion, do not allow oil or coolant to come into contact with the bonding surfaces of the detachable fasteners.Front viewFront viewFront viewRear viewRear viewRear view*2The detachable fastener is a dual lock fastener (Sumitomo 3M). It is equivalent to detachable double-faced sheet (DK-94, Scotch 3M) commercially available.For standard type U-WAVE, the currently displayed data can be sent by pressing the data switch.This is called "button drive mode".In the "event drive mode", the measurement value is checked every 0.5 seconds and measurement data is automatically sent if there is a change. At this time, the data switch is disabled. The sent data is written in the U-WAVE-R memory, and only the latest data is kept, it is not output to the PC. The data is loaded to the PC from the U-WAVE-R memory when the data request command is sent. The mode switching between "button drive" and "event drive" is enabled by the special order U-WAVEPAK (Event drive). In the event drive mode, pressing the data switch on the Digimatic gage is not necessary. PC operation enables loading data from multiple gages at once.When using the event drive please note:• The battery life is shorter than in normal mode.The battery lasts approximately 20 days with continuous use. Switching to the button mode when the battery is not in use extends the battery life.• When using several Digimatic gages (U-WAVE-T), communication errors may occur because of radio interference in simultaneous measuring.Therefore, it is required to add U-WAVE-R and set different frequencies (15 ch) to avoid radio wave interference.To perform simultaneous measurement using USB-ITPAK V2.1, a special order U-WAVEPAK (Event drive) is required.Returns the latest dataTransmission of data request commandReturns the latest dataU-WAVE-RNote: There is no linkage between a data request sent from the PC and a data transmission from the Digimatic gage.To trigger data transmission, stop the Digimatic gage first, and then send a data request command from the PC.Special useEvent drive modeData is sent if value changes(Checked every 0.5 s)Data is sent when the button is pressed.Standard useButton drive modeSpecial order U-WAVEPAK (Event drive)This is a special order product. For the latest pricing, please contact your dealer or the nearest Mitutoyo Service Center.Product configuration: Program on CDFor U-WAVE-R, U-WAVE-T and U-WAVE-TC/TM, please purchase the standard model.Install this special order U-WAVEPAK (Event drive) and gain the ability to perform setups without using the standard accessory U-WAVEPAK.A program to send a data request command is separately required to load data to a PC.Event drive supporting software:• USB-ITPAK V2.1 (timer input enabled)• MeasureReport (function key operation)Example of data request command - All Data Output: DR1 FF 00 1 1 CRHeader Carriage return ID of U-WAVE-T ID transmission order 1: ascending order, 2: descending order All IDs: FF 1: Clear memory, 0: Do not clear memory Designating ID: 00 to 99 U-WAVE-R ID: 00 to 99 Mounting Diagram for QM-Height (02AZE990)U-WAVE-T mounting plate for QM-HeightOrder No.02AZE990Standard accessories• Detachable fasteners: 1 set• Mounting screw: 2 pcsRefer to the U-WAVE Brochure (No. E12000) for more details.

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