J-7JMicroscopesMicroscope lineups that systemize observation, measurement and processingMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.MF-U SERIES 176 — Universal Measuring Microscopes•Integration of metallurgical and measurement microscope functions provides high-resolution observation and a high-accuracy measurement solution.•Measuring accuracy is the highest in its class (and conforms to JIS B 7153).•Illumination can be selected from an LED unit, which has a longer life, or a powerful halogen unit for high-magnication applications.•Excellent usability, a high-NA and long working distance objectives enable effective observation.Manual type•Stages range in size from 100×100 mm to 400×200 mm.•The XY stage is equipped with a quick-release mechanism that enables switching between coarse and ne feed to provide swift and precise stage movement, even over a large distance.SPECIFICATIONSBF (bright-field)Without Z-axis scaleModel No.MF-UA1010DMF-UA2010DMF-UA2017DMF-UA3017DMF-UA4020DOrder No. 176-871*1 176-872*1 176-873*1 176-874*1 176-875*1With Z-axis scaleModel No.MF-UB1010DMF-UB2010DMF-UB2017DMF-UB3017DMF-UB4020DOrder No. 176-876*1 176-877*1 176-878*1 176-879*1 176-880*1BD (bright-field/dark-field)Without Z-axis scaleModel No.MF-UC1010DMF-UC2010DMF-UC2017DMF-UC3017DMF-UC4020DOrder No. 176-881*1 176-882*1 176-883*1 176-884*1 176-885*1With Z-axis scaleModel No.MF-UD1010DMF-UD2010DMF-UD2017DMF-UD3017DMF-UD4020DOrder No. 176-886*1 176-887*1 176-888*1 176-889*1 176-890*1Observation imageBF (Bright-field), DF (Dark-field) (MF-UC and MF-UD models only), Polarization, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)/Erect imageEyepiece (optional) with diopter adjustment10X (eyepiece field number: 24, two eyepieces provided as standard), 15X, 20XTurret (required)Bright-field (BF)Manual/Motor (select either one)Bright-field/dark-field (BD)Objective (optional)Bright-field (BF)M Plan Apo, M Plan Apo SL, G Plan Apo seriesBright-field/dark-field (BD)BD Plan Apo, BD Plan Apo SL seriesIllumination unit (One of the two options must be selected.)LED illumination unitTransmitted illumination: Telecentric system, Built-in aperture diaphragm, White LED light source, stepless light intensity control, With cooling fanReflected illumination: Koehler illumination, Variable aperture diaphragm mechanism, White LED light source, stepless light intensity controlControl unit: Power ON/OFF switch (main switch), AC100 to 240 V power input connectorHalogen illumination unitTransmitted illumination: Telecentric system, Built-in aperture diaphragm, Halogen bulb (12 V, 50 W), stepless light intensity control, With cooling fanReflected: BF/BD Kohler illumination with adjustable aperture diaphragm, 12 V, 100 W or 12 V, 15 W halogen lamp (selectable), external fiber-optic illumination, stepless brightness adjustmentControl unit: Power ON/OFF switch (main switch), AC100 to 240 V power input connectorStageMeasuring range100×100 mm200×100 mm200×170 mm300×170 mm400×200 mmQuick-release mechanismProvided as standard for the X and Y axesZero-set buttonProvided as standard for the X and Y axes (and for the Z axis only for the MF-UB and -UD types)Z axisMax. workpiece height150 mm220 mmFeed mechanismCoaxial coarse and fine feed, handles on both sides (coarse: 10 mm/rotation, fine: 0.1 mm/rotation)Measuring accuracy *2 (X and Y axes, when not loaded)(2.2+0.02L) µm L = measuring length (mm)Digital displayResolution1/0.5/0.1 µm 0.0001/0.00005/0.00001 in switchableDisplay axesX and Y (or X, Y, and Z only for the MF-UB and -UD types)FunctionsZero-setting, direction switching, RS-232C output, USB output (specific to QSPAK)*1 The following suffixes are added to the order specify the User Manual's language: -10 for English; -11 for Simplified Chinese; No suffix for Japanese.*2 Measuring method complies with JIS B 7153.MF-UB2017D• The turret, objectives and illumination unit are optional accessories.Refer to the MF/MF-U series Brochure (No. E14003) for more details.Bulb replacement for transmitted/reflected illuminationStandard: Halogen bulb (12 V, 50 W) (513667)Bulb life: 50 hours For replacement for reflected illumination (from separate light source) *3Standard: Halogen bulb (12 V, 100 W) (517181)High-intensity bulb (12 V, 100 W) (12BAD602)*3 At the time of purchase, a standard bulb and a high-intensity bulb are provided. (Only for the Reflected illumination models.)Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink (refer to page A-5 for details).Measuring MicroscopesMF/MF-U SeriesOptical MeasuringCatalog No. E14003(5)MF_MF_U_E14003_5_cc2019.indd 22019/07/31 11:20

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