N-3NCoordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology in three dimensionsMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Shop-oor Type CNC Coordinate Measuring MachineMiSTAR 555•Has achieved an accuracy guaranteed temperature range of 10 to 40 °C thanks to the combination of technologies such as a symmetric guide structure, uniform material and temperature compensation.•Has achieved a contamination resistance more than 2 times better than Mitutoyo's conventional machine by adopting a newly developed absolute scale* that is highly resistant to the challenging production-line environment. * Absolute scale that provides an absolute XYZ-values relative to an internal reference point for each coordinate captured. This eliminates the need for an initialization operation.•Adopts the horizontal-arm structure and installs the CMM controller and PC under the measuring table to save installation space. This has reduced the footprint to about 70% compared with that of the conventional moving bridge model.ModelItemsMiSTAR 555Measuring rangeX axis570 mmY axis500 mmZ axis500 mmMaximum permissible length measurement error*1*2 ISO 10360-2: 2009(2.2+3L/1000) μmDrive speed5 - 350 mm/s (max. combined speed 606 mm/s) in CNC MODEDrive acceleration1556 mm/s2 (max. combined acceleration 2695 mm/s2)WorkpieceMax. height660 mmMax. loading 120 kgAccuracy guaranteed temperature10 °C - 40 °CMass (including the control device and installation platform)655 kg*1 Specifications vary by configuration, size, and thermal environment.*2 L = Measuring length (unit: mm)Note: While the appearance of the natural stone measuring table varies according to the source, the high stability for which this material is known can always be relied upon.SPECIFICATIONSMiSTAR 555Catalog No. E16024(2)Operable Adjacent to a Machine Tool on the Production LineCoordinate Measuring MachinesRefer to the MiSTAR 555 Brochure (No. E16024) for more details.Products equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink (refer to page A-5 for details).Equipped with the PH10MQ probe head

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