N-16Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.N• Three lasers used with the cross type line laser enable batch scanning. Complicated form can be measured efciently (in the case of SurfaceMeasure 606T). Less changing of the probe orientation contributes to the improvement of measurement efficiency Scanning from three directions enables simultaneous measurement of the top surface and inner surface• The ying spot type is capable of scanning difcult parts, such as this impeller, precisely and achieves highest scanning accuracy in the class (in the case of SurfaceMeasure 201FS).Non-contact type laser probeSurfaceMeasure• Ultra-high speed data collection SurfaceMeasure is a laser probe that collects coordinate values of the surface of the workpiece by moving and irradiating laser light over the workpiece. * When using SurfaceMeasure 606/610/1010• Advantages of non-contact type Non-contact measurement enables measurement of materials that can be easily-deformed by contact measurement, including resin or thin, elastic parts.• Powder-less measurement Automatic conguration of the camera sensitivity and the laser intensity settings according to the environment and materials enable establishing a simple and comfortable laser-scanning environment since measurement is now powder and spray free.• Evaluation cases The collected point cloud data can be used by various optional software in a wide range of applications, such as editing, plane creation, comparison using CAD data and more.Measurement of color sample plateMeasurement of glossy parts403/606/610/1010606T201FS10010011516560601593123601001151656065171203.55057.524040305166183282282147.5289403General-purposemeasurement606General-purposemeasurement610Deep workpiecemeasurement1010Large workpiecemeasurement606TDeep workpiece/sheetmetal measurement201FSHighly sensitive and general-purpose measurementSurfaceMeasure 403 *1SurfaceMeasure 606SurfaceMeasure 610SurfaceMeasure 1010SurfaceMeasure 606TSurfaceMeasure 201FSLaser irradiation methodLine Laser (single)Line Laser (cross)Flying spotMax. scan width40 mm60 mm60 mmMax. 100 mm3×65 mmMax. 23 mmMax. scan depth30 mm60 mm100 mm100 mm65 mm15 mmWorking distance66 mm123 mm165 mm165 mm203.5 mm57.5 mmScanning error *28 µm12 µm15 µm18 µm17 µm1.8 µmMax. Acquisition rate60,000 points/sec75,000 points/sec3×25,500 points/sec25,000 points/secMass430 g430 g400 g400 g480 g500 gLaser ClassEN/IECClass2 [ EN/IEC 60825-1 (2014) ]JISClass2 [ JIS C 6802: 2014 ]Laser TypeRed-light semiconductorSemiconductorLine LaserWave length660 nm670 nmPower output4 mW 1 mWPoint LaserWavelength—635 nm—Power output—1 mW —*1 Made-to-order models*2 According to Mitutoyo’s acceptance procedure. (1σ/sphere measurement, probe alone)SPECIFICATIONSWithout change of orientationLaser selection is availableThe laser light is emitted from three oblique directions.Unit: μm

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